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Proprietary system warranties - new construction townhouse (in a dev.)

Karin Magnuson
last month

Hi, I'm buying a new construction townhouse in a Toll Brothers development in the NYC suburbs.

I have asked them to provide me with the underlying warranties for the proprietary systems they are installing (e.g., Carrier air conditioning unit, Anderson Windows/doors, domestic hot water heater). And that these warranties will specify that the benefits of these warranties will accrue to me (not to Toll Brothers).

These warranties are often for much longer than the 1-2 years Toll Brothers covers in their overall home warranty (e.g., the Carrier sample I found online shows 10 yrs and Anderson sample is for 20 yrs).

Toll Brothers says that they have never had anyone ask for this -- and after discussing it with them each week for over 12 weeks they still haven't been able to say that they will provide these to me.

Does anyone have experience with a developer providing/not providing these proprietary system warranties?



PS This is not about the warranties for the appliances (e.g., fridge, microwave, dishwasher, washer/dryer) - those they seem willing to give me.

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