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refinish or replace? looking to extend wood floors

Malia Barnett
last month

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to extend the wood floors on the main level in my home. Right now, the kitchen is red oak and everything else is carpet. Maybe around 300 sq ft of carpet and 250 sq ft of existing hardwood. I’d like to replace the carpet with hardwood, but I don’t want the red tone anymore.

Would it be more cost effective to replace the carpet with red oak and then refinish all of the wood to look like white oak (I’d want it to match exactly, so that’s why I’d lay down the same color and species to start)?
Or to replace all of the existing hardwood and carpet with white oak?

Option A would mean buying around ~300 sq ft of new hardwood, and then refinishing all ~550 sq ft

Option B would mean buying ~550 sq ft of new hardwood

Thanks in advance!

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