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Ilve Range Review, Buyer Beware

last year

I warn you to seriously consider my account before purchasing any Ilve product. It took 9 months to reach a resolution with Ilve. Terrible customer support for a brand new range, and trust me it’s not just one customer service rep that caused this, it was everyone I worked with.

Here is what happened:

  • Ilve Nostalgie 36inch range arrived in sub-optimal condition. Gas burners would rarely ignite or hold flame, only 1-2 burners would work at the same time with low BTU.
  • Began troubleshooting by calling Ilve Customer Support number, the Customer Support is contracted out to Superior Marketing who is their distributor in the US.
  • Customer Support began trying to locate a service technician in my area (top 10 metro in USA). For weeks, I would call in once per week to check the status of my case, Ilve rarely reached out to me with updates.
  • Customer Support could not locate a service provider in my area and asked me to find one myself. When reached, many service providers in my area said they would not service Ilve.
  • At this point, the customer care team began to hang up on me when I would call in to ask for help with locating a service technician.
  • I now had to call into the Sales team and begin working with them for support.
  • A service technician was finally scheduled and assessed my issue 3 ½ months after contacting Customer Support.
  • It took 8 weeks to deliver the parts the technician needed.
  • Technician re-assessed the range with new parts and concluded the range was not manufactured correctly and should be returned as it was irreparable.
  • From this point, it took 5 weeks of constant requests to begin the refund process.
  • After this, it took an additional 9 weeks for the refund to be processed and to get my money back.

A product issue was seriously compounded by a failing customer care team. This market segment of home appliances is often called “attainable luxury” – you get the high end look while sacrificing the backend support.

Please understand that your appliance may be optimal and working as it should when you purchase it. But buyer beware if you need customer support – that is when the buyers regret kicks in.

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