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Hybrid Tea Rose, Container Question

last year

Hello everyone. I live in North Carolina and Belinda's Dream floribunda has grown very vigorous as does my Jasmina Arborose. However, my Chicago Peace Bareroot I planted in the spring has STRUGGLED. It has not liked the heavy clay soil even after I amended it. The rainfall has led to steady wet feet. IT eventually lost all its leaves as they turned yellow and fell off. I dug the bareroot up and planted it in a pot to get it rejuvenated. After a week of vacation I came back home and there was tons of new growth!

My question is now that I seem to have saved it, can this rose be planted in a pot instead? I have a resin pot that is about 64 quarts and was wondering about letting it grow in its current 3 gallon pot in the winter in the greenhouse and then moving to this size container in the spring. Thoughts?

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