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NEC Code Against Putting Plywood DIRECTLY on top of Wires over Joists?

last month

Building a new house. I noticed someone put a sheet of plywood up in the attic space directly on top of and in direct contact with electric wires that were draped in the attic across roof joists. I'm guessing subs like HVAC or insulation may have put it up there for something to stand on temporarily and left it behind. I asked the general contractor to remove it several times. They didn't. Now there's drywall and an insulation wall making it difficult at best to even access let alone remove. (probably have to cut a horizontal scuttle hole in foam insulation wall to access it)

Common sense suggests the weight of plywood directly on top of those wires is not a good idea.

However I find my conversations with the general contractor are much more productivewhen I can recite specific codes (vs common sense).

If there's any specific NEC code(s) against plopping a sheet of plywood on top of wires draped over roof joists in attic - can someone point me to them?


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