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My MOG dress - final? And help with scarf.

terezosa / terriks
last month
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I guess that it really is final, because I don't have any other good choices.

This is the DKNY dress that I found at TJMaxx, but unfortunately only in size 6 size 14 .

I have been haunting that TJMaxx for weeks in hopes that they would receive my size to no avail.

Then I found the same dress on Macy's website, so I ordered a size 10 only to have an obviously mismarked dress arrive. The circumference at the bottom was a full ten inches smaller than the size 6 dress. The sales clerk thought it looked like a size 2! So I returned it, and they reordered the dress for me. But the new one is still off - perfect on top, but the skirt part is still very narrow and smaller than the size 6.

So, I decided to take in the size 14 dress, and it fits well now. (I was in a panic the other day because suddenly my sewing machine was jamming, but thankfully my husband was able to fix it 😮‍💨)

Plus I saved $50 over the Macy's price.

This is going to be a casual outdoor wedding, so I'm pairing the dress with more casual sandals and bag.

I found a scarf to (maybe) wear with it - the goal being to cover up crepey upper arms, but perhaps my hair can do that better. 😅

The scarf is sheer and very big - 70.5" x 55", and I have no idea how to wear it without covering too much of the dress. Any suggestions on what to do with the scarf - other than shove it in my purse?

Apologies for the very bad selfie.

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