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Any comments on hydrangea 'Incrediball Blush' ?

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I've inquired of this previously, I have been pleased with 'Invincibelle Spirit II', whatever the summer has thrown it's way, with adequate moisture it has performed exceptionally well to maintain good color even into October. 'Pinkerbelle' hasn't been so swell, insipid color quickly fading out within weeks, there's no comparing any color holding qualities between the two of them!

A forum member mentioned of being pleased of the color fastness of 'Incrediball Blush' ... I have a perfect location for siting this plant out of too much hot midday sun. Anyone have further experience to share? 'Incrediball' does fantastic, though would like to try the Blush version ... if it's not so great, I'll instead pick up another 'Invincibelle Spirit II'.

Thanks! :)

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