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ISO hinges for inset cabinet doors

Bethany Bristow
last month

Hi, I’m in the late design phase, about to start build on custom kitchen cabinets with inset doors. The house is an 1899 brownstone and the kitchen design is influenced by Devol kitchens. I’m trying to do this on something of a budget, lol. I’m struggling to find hinges for the cabinet doors. Looking for brass butt hinges, hopefully with the oval shaped screw holes
to allow my millworker an easier door installation. I’m having a hard time finding any that are longer than 2”. When I look at photos of cabinets with these types of hinges they look to be 2.5-3” long. But when I look to buy these I’m really only finding 2”. I’d prefer not to spend $30 per hinge. I actually can’t spend that. Hoping for around $10 per. I also prefer no finial or a button finial, but I mostly am finding ball finial hinges. Can anyone direct me or educate me about the proper hinges for inset cabinet doors?

Attaching photos of a couple of hinges and my mood board.

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