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Hosta companions or how do you design your hosta beds

lindalana 5b Chicago
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There been couple of great posts from Ken and Debra on gardens that have no beginning or end.

In my previous house I used same idea, mostly due to space being a premium, but also because I like wild gardens, starts in Feb with snowdrops and ends in November with late asters. I had no weeds but it was intensive gardening, ephemerals would be replaced by perennials growing in same space, bulb foliage to be hidden and clearance provided for later growth, verical space use, multiseadon interest shrubs etc.

New house has more space so I am mostly separating perennial garden from hosta garden but I really do not want to deal with weeds. Also I would rather add some interest with something else as hostas have unpleasant ability to get leaves trashed early and you kinda done for the season.

As much as I admire organized endless beds with mulch and properly spaced hostas it isn't my kind of garden...sigh

What do you use to add as understory or fillers for interest in beds besides primadonna hostas?

At National Green Bay we have seen garden of Kings, with multitude of primula japonica interplanted with hostas. Gives me thought as my soil is heavy and wet and I can easily winter sow tons of them.

Looking for suggestions what works for you and what design has been successful.

I see my host beds out of my bedroom window so a bit longer season of interest is a must...

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