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China cabinet update/Sorry Beagles: I'm keeping it

10 days ago

DH is a sweetheart. We picked up the cabinet today in almost 90 degree weather and then schlepped it back to our house.


It feels like it was made for the room. It is really well made with a working lock with skeleton key and two spring latches to keep the other door tightly closed. I went all over my house gathering knick-knacks to put in it and in the end decided my china was the best fit. It just didn't feel like a mix and match showcase kind of room. (and believe me, I tried) Plus, crisp white seems too strong with the moulding.

(there is no plate groove on the bottom shelf, so I couldn't put the oval platter there, which would have been my preference. Instead, I just stacked some of the dinner plates. Oh, and for all of you who thought I over estimated on the size, you were right. It is 16.5" deep on the bottom and the top is only 14.5" deep. )

I also found out that it was made by the Rockford Furniture company of Rockford, IL. The wood on the bottom is definitely a veneer, but a pretty one.

I am so glad I got it. I'm a formal gal at heart and swoon at stuff like this.

Thanks for the gentle shoves to go get it!

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