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Laundry Room Transition Pairing

Donnie Kluck
last month
last modified: last month

So my wife and I are looking to redo out laundry room. We are not the best at decorating or picking colors or matching colors. So we don't know what color tile would go well with the transition from the dark hardwood hallway floor into the laundry room.

I picked up this sample gray marble porcelain look floor tile since it looked nice to see if it would work. We like the tile but not sure if it would go with the space. Or more specifically the transition. The walls will be and quarter round etc will all be changed as well.

But wanted to get some opinion on the flooring and thoughts on others who have a better artistic and color eye for this thing. As we probably would not know if it was a good choice or bad choice until we had the whole project complete unfortunately.

So any help or guidance, suggestions or direction would be great and helpful.

Also the orientation of the the tile is just so I could see more of the tile up against the hardwood floor. I would plan to run the tile short edge against the hardwood floor if this is what we used. In case some of you were wondering (unless it would be better run in the direction that is it laid down).

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