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Redesign pantry( I only use 3/4 of it & added more storage elsewhere

Gin J
10 days ago

view from dining area

view from eat in/ buff buffet area to dining room

View from hallway entering kitchen. I have visually extended my island from 48” to 65” usi using boxes and a blanket

This is the pantry I am trying to redesign

My idea of kitchen and beverage area

My designers idea for the pantry

FYI- This is a repost! I sincerely apologize…but more photos were requested and I couldn’t add any photos to the old post! I am VERY excited by your interest and responses, so I am spending a lit of effort trying to be more thorough! If I forgot some info, let me know and I will update it.

This is my kitchen layout. (I have looked at many options, I need the extra table for seating 6 of my 12 grandkids-I move it towards the windows for buffets).

I added extra storage in the island and increased cabinet heights to 96”

I am stuck on the design for the pantry wall. It is 87.25 widex 84” high. Because the ceiling is vaulted, there’s 19” above the front of cabinet, 13” at the back.

The pantry is visible from the dining room… so I was thinking of trying to make it a focal point? Some say I shouldn’t? I have already committed 10K to a custom design/build. I know the product will LOOK great… but I haven’t been impressed with this part of his design and I think if I can finalize this darn wall, it will all work out. ( ps I live in the boonies so it’s hard to find CKD. ) ps… I had tried to enter the photos in a logical order… but they simply rearranged themselves

I LOVE my FAMILY FRIENDS and NEIGHBORS and Entertain at least once a week! I plan to spend $50 on cabinets, countertops and flooring… if I could win one of the kitchen redesign contests I’ve been entering for the last several years…I would bump out the stove wall and make the whole area BIGGER! For now, I will be happy with my $50K project. The cabinets will probably be walnut with a light colored quartz countertop. Light wall paint and eventually a new floor.

THIS IS SO COOL! I LOVE that you are so interested and talented and willing to help!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!

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