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Saltpeter for stump removal

We talked earlier in the year about stump grinding, but at this point it's becoming financially unfeasible :-/ The guy that removed the trees is trying to charge me another $1000 to trim the stumps down to about 6" above the ground, and then it would still be another $600 for me to rent a stump grinder and get the rest out myself! That's if I can get it done in 2 days...

So I'm looking at other options for now, and maybe I'll grade the yard next year. If I have a year before I can move forward, I might as well look at stump killers that allegedly destroy it in a year, anyway.

I'm reading that the main ingredient in good stump killers is saltpeter (potassium nitrate), so does it make more sense to just buy straight saltpeter?

If so, would I be better off with small granules or powder?

I'm looking at these: