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did I make a mistake in choosing a darker grey grout for our tiles?

13 days ago

We will be using Mapei grout.

Our wall tiles is just in the bathtub area, vertically stacked 3x12 tiles in white and we will use the color Frost as grout. The rest of the wall will just be painted Pure White from SW.

Now for the floor grout, we were originally suppose to go with Timberwolf but when we placed the grout sample stick by the tiles, the color tone looked off. It read more of a blue-grey. Sadly, I didn’t have my phone so I was unable to take a picture.

We went with Iron instead and it was a close match to the “dark grey” you see in our tiles.

But now that I have time to think back on it, I realized that by going with a bit of a dark grey, it might highlight each square tile individually and make the pattern stick out from each other as oppose to blending? am I just overthinking this since the grout spacing isn’t even that big or have I made a mistake?

If you’ve done similar tiles, what grout color did you go with? Have I made i mistake :’(

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