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Please help me spruce up my early ‘70s ranch

13 days ago

I would love some ideas for sprucing up the exterior of our house! It is overdue for repainting. We are also planning to get new windows (without grids), change the window and door trim, get a new front door and sidelites, new garage door, and new garage light.

i’m just not totally sure what style or look would be best to aim for. We love that our house is simple and unfussy. In general, we like mid century modern and sleek contemporary styles.

The house was built in the early 1970s.

For the siding paint, I’d really like to stay in the grey family; my husband isnt 100% sure about that. The current color was painted by the previous (original) owner. We don’t know specifically what color it is, but it really leans lavender, which my husband hates. Maybe a grey with green undertones would be more appealing for him… Colors that are definite nos are white, brown, beige, and blue (neighbors’ house colors).

Any ideas about paint colors and door/garage door styles are much appreciated (and any other ideas)! Can we pull off some of these modern mcm looks that are popular? If not, what style(s) could work here?

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