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Blooming on a sticky Friday

It rained yesterday, not enough to give the flowers a deep drink, but enough to raise the humidity to insane levels. I broke into a sweat just standing still this morning.

Here are a few of the flowers open today.

Carol Sing, a late bloomer, just started.

Explosion in the Paint Factory had its first ever all yellow bloom in our garden yesterday, but today it is striped.

Flame of the West is still blooming.

Heavenly United We Stand hasn't been in the garden long enough to make a nice clump. I really like the flowers.

I might have already posted Hell on Heels, but this clump just called out for a photo.

It's been hard to get a good photo of Orange Skies.

Raggedy Man, another late bloomer, has finally started.

This is not a daylily but I had to post it. This is the first flower on Caesalpinia pulcherrima, commonly called the Pride of Barbados. Bob has had trouble keeping these alive. This one, which we grew from seed, is doing well.

More to come . . .

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