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California, Central Valley August 5th Report

CA Kate z9
last year

I was gone for 2 weeks and came back to find my zucchini too big to eat.

I found an eggplant that deffinetly isn't Shikou since it's round instead of long. Since all the seed came from the same packet I wonder what the rest will be.

So far the Big Jim Hatch Chilis are getting red andaren't big. The seed also came from the same packet so who knows what I really got. However, they are HOT.

AND, My garden has been taken over by a squah recommended here: Musquee de Provence.

I came home to find that the Musquee has climbed over a 6' shrub and is on it's way to the citrus trees.

(cont) There are 3 or 4 vines all pushed together on the side so I can walk; plus more behind the fig trees.

(cont.) And this is where it's suppose to end but is wrapped back on itself 3-4 times. However, a sideshoot is now headed toward the front by going over the fence and into the Bay Laural.

I have a lot of foliage and no squash I can see; but then somethig might be hidden on the vines behind the fig trees and I can't begin to see back there.

At least it's pretty.

Now that it's August what is your garden doing?


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