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Bathroom backsplash or other?

R. R.
2 days ago


I think I need to install a backsplash for my bathroom sink, there's often splashes on the wall (that I try to clean up immediately) but I'm worried about damage to the wall. Is there a way to waterproof the wall before I paint, or to have a backsplash that won't look strange with the vanity being only part of the wall?

I don't like the idea of tile all the way to the ceiling on the whole wall, would it look strange if it stopped where the vanity stops? Would a 6 inch backsplash actually look good? I feel they look dated but maybe I'm wrong.

I need something that matches well with the overall colors and textures of the bathroom (warm marble look floor tiles, wood tile ceramic shower, room will be painted like the swatch on the photo), so all suggestions welcome.

Any advice or help would be welcome.


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