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I must tell you about my brunch last Saturday

2 days ago

Tom's SIL and I finally found a date to get together. T's brother died in Feb or March and this was our first opportunity to meet up.

I have a favourite little restaurant on the way to her place and we agreed to do brunch last Sat.

It's 45 minutes from her town and 1.45 from me. Tom and I had brunch there and we had plans to return the following year for our 'anniversary' but life had other ideas.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, I had the sunroof open and tunes blaring. A perfect day!

It's a converted school house and is a popular dining spot for decades.

Brunch is from 11-2 and there were several diners outside on the grounds under umbrellas. Neither of us like the sun, so we ate indoors. It got busier before we left; we were there at 11:30

That's the table T and I were seated at too. Love the fireplace.

I love the large nappies, and were served warm sweet potato muffins and drop biscuits.

I knew I wanted the French onion soup! It comes in a cauldron

Then came the salad

And my main was baked filet of sole with lobster and Newburg sauce over white and wild rice.

Don't worry, I brought half of it home :-)

Dessert wasn't an option for me, I don't have a sweet tooth at all, but a lot of things certainly appealed to my SIL, but she was full from her 4-cheese lasagna.

I can definitely do this meal every year as a treat.

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