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Three New Seedlings, Reblooms, Lates

2 days ago
last modified: 2 days ago

I was surprised to be getting seedlings blooming this late in the season. I don't think they are lates. I think it just took this long for them to get enough sun and moisture to scapes and bloom.

(Natalie Antoinette X Symphony of Praise) X Big Pink seedling ffe - I was surprised to get a near white out of pink breeding. I like how the green throat spills out on the petals. The sepals also show some green. The petals show a pink blush, and the edge is a combo of green gold and teeth.

Jurassic Pink X Big Pink seedling ffe - We'd had several days of temps in the high 90s when this bloomed. It would probably be a darker pink in more normal temps.

(Cowgirl Spurs X Blazing Saddles) x Skater's second bloom

Wheel of Time started reblooming this week.

Lightning Round continues to have pretty rebloom flowers.

Zuzu's Treasure with it's last rebloom flower.

White Tooth X Skater 2L reblooming

Remembering Rose has never started blooming so late before.

Last Chance for Romance today.


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