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Selling Things Online?

Flex Design LLC
2 days ago

So I just acquired a lot of household items and tools from the passing of my parents. Lots of useful things like tools, toaster, microwave, chinaware and some art and antiques collectibles etc. I have sold some things on Ebay, craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. However Market place has way too many local groups requiring you to join in order to reach more folks. ( I also found that sometimes it requires you to pay a fee in order to post more that one picture?) So I was wondering if any of you have suggestions for some good methods or sites. I also do some hand woodcraft, furniture. stools and tools items along with small engine repairs etc. I do have luck selling but I feel my item gets buried online in time. I realize you can edit or refresh etc. Do all these eclectic item I possess ever sell on lets say ETSY? I realize this is dedicated site to those who ( I believe) is custom or hand made platform. What about alternate auction sites? I do know a women who sells jewelry on a small auction house but it seems to ask for a pretty penny up front.

Just interested in comments on what you found to be useful and found successful.


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