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Should I cancel my plant order due to weeds?

I ordered 2 peony tubers and several tulip bulbs to plant this fall in a new garden bed. The new bed has multiple weeds continuously popping through the mulch and uncontrollable bindweed we can’t get on top of.

Our neighbors said the owners before us had no weed prevention for the property for over 10 years, there are at least 6+ types of weeds (dandelion, elephant ears, wild mullein, thistle, etc). We’ve decided to hire a professional company to spray the property in the spring (after applying Scott’s fall weed and feed winter-guard this year). My husband suggested not even planting in this garden bed for another whole year and having the company go for the weeds in this bed too. I just read that bindweed can take 3-5 years to get rid of!

If I plant the 2 peonies elsewhere, will they transplant well by fall 2023? Should I plant them this fall anyway and try to use a Preen product instead? Should I just cancel the order if this actually will take multiple years? Any experience would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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