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Question about mini split for AC - placement of units in bedroom

Hi all,

I am looking to install multi zone mini splits in my home. There will be one downstairs and 2 for the bedrooms upstairs in my (hot) Cape style home.

The pictures attached are of the master bedroom. There is only 1 wall I can use for the unit and it's a sloped ceiling. So I'm constrained on how high I can place the unit.

I've had a few contractors over and am getting different recommendations on placement:

  • Place a unit as high as it can go, but realize it's going to be almost in the middle of the wall because it needs at least 20-24" of space horizontally
  • Place a floor mount unit, which is a bit bigger but would sit low to the ground and be less conspicuous

My questions:

1. How effective are high wall mounts vs floor mounts? Will one or the other cool better?

2. If I install the floor mount, you can see that my heater is there along the bottom (baseboard heating). I will not be using the mini split to heat my house (I love my hot water heat, it provides a much better heat throughout our cold, damp winters than electric forced air ever could). Will the floor mount unit "block" the heat from coming out and distributing nicely in the room? My HVAC guy said no, but I'm not sure about that.

3. This is specific for where I live (MA) - we can get rebates on the unit but one HVAC guys said I need to install thermostats for it to be elgible for rebates from Mass Save. He said the thermostats would work to read whether it's more effective to use my gas heat vs. electric mini split heat. I told him, I don't want my mini split to heat, I want it to default to gas heat all the time. He said that could be programmed, but I'm not super keen on this (feels like another thing that can break). Any thoughts on this - if they are indeed necessary for the rebate and the "override" he mentioned.

This is a lot of information! Thanks for everyone's help!

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