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Countertop Vein Match Install Mishap

last month

We finally chose a company to get countertops & backsplash installed. We wanted a eco-friendly, lightweight & easy to clean option so went with porcelain. My husband really wanted the veins to match, in particular on the kitchen island where the seam meets.
We approved the specs that showed the veins matching.
However the veins in middle of the island are about 7" shifted to the left. I'd be happy if they slightly touched, the seam doesn't bother me. My husband wants the company to fix & veins to match as planned in specs. Also, they didn't quite finish the grout/caulking in a few areas, nothing major - overall excellent work. Just this mismatch.
We followed up with company to ask about coming back to finish the grout & about the misalignment. The company sales person says they never gauranteed vein match & offered us 10% off. That was a surpris. Then next day the sales person changed info again, offered $250 off & said vein match is not available at all.
Which feels so icky... & misleading, especially when the website, brochures & specs all show/sell "vein matching" as selling point for porcelain countertops. And the same sales person sold my husband on showing him all the vein match porcelain, that can't be easily done with other companies that specialize in quartz, etc.
I was so excited to share this company as an eco-friendly option to my realtor friends & neighbors. I thought the installers were great. My husband is fuming at the lack of accountability.
What do we do???
Ask for this slab to be fixed/replaced to match as planned & risk ruining the other slab?
Or leave as is & ask for the 10% discount as initially offered on an almost $10k job?
Or is this just normal for installs?
Oh my husband is so upset.
I feel terrible & just sad. I really liked this company. I hope we can work it out.
Thanks for any input!

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