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DIY front yard help with drought tolerant plants

Angie F
last month

Hi Houzz Community!

Hope I can get some advice on my front yard. It was a big space full of mostly dead grass (or crabgrass) and a LOT of gophers. While my husband has gotten some control of the gopher problem, we still had to figure out what to do with yard. We live in SoCal (SD area). We did not want any more grass for various reasons (big drought, water usage, broken sprinklers, not enough time for maintenance).

We have a small budget so hired a landscaper to do the portion of the yard that we couldn't do ourselves. They pulled out the old grass, rototilled, etc, then put DG and Turf in 2/3 of it. I don't really care for Turf but my husband convinced me to add a little, plus it will make it a bit easier to put holiday decorations in that area.

So now here's where we need help. The bottom portion. We've had a few ideas on what to do but are stuck. I like mid century or mediterranean style. Plants with rock/gravel is our main idea. But what plants?? I thought maybe some foxtail agaves or marginata type plants to start? or throw in some dietes? I don't want too many flowers. Should we break that area into sections? I plan on putting a bougainvillea near the side of the house. I also want to put some type of ornamental grass or succulent in front of the retaining wall by the sidewalk and paint the old brick border.

Thank you for any input you may have.

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