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Odd situation with a rose cutting

I've successfully rooted many scores of cuttings over the past 20+ years, but I have a situation that I've never encountered. I made a handful of cuttings about a month ago, plunked them into a cup of water, meaning to strike them in the next day or two. Life intervened. The leaves fell off a week or two ago, but I left them in the cup b/c they still looked good. Turns out, one has callused quite nicely... picture in the next post. So now I'm wondering about how to proceed. Options: leave it in the water longer; place it in my usual rooting mix of half potting soil/half perlite; do the same but dip it in rooting hormone first. I have Hormex #3, #8, and #16. Leaving it in the water seems dangerous, but suddenly putting it into rooting medium seems like it might shock it too much.

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