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Growing tomatoes in containers

Lynn Nevins
last month
last modified: last month

Hi everyone. I had a large planter on my balcony in New York City (zone 6B) that contained compost, and a few tomato plants emerged. Please see the photo below of what the plant currently looks like. I know that by this point in time most tomato plants are being harvested or are close to being harvested My plants however, while I did see tiny yellow flowers a week or 2 ago, at this point all I am seeing are dried out remnants of flowers. I have no way of knowing if these have been pollinated or if they even require pollination But at this point in time I am assuming that because I see not even the start of tomato fruit, that it is simply too late to expect any viable tomato fruit this year. My balcony receives about 5 hours of direct sun and the rest of the day is indirect sun. I don't suppose it would make a difference if I moved the planter to my rooftop? But again I think either way it's pointless... that it's probably too late in the growing season?

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