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The lates are starting

sherrygirl zone5 N il
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

My gardens are winding down. Most of my lates are blooming now. Autumn Minaret and Orchid Corsage have started along with the ones in the photos below.

Buzz Saw finished up with a bang… this really nice poly bloom, it’s last for the season.

Ice Carnival is having a good season, it seems my late bloomers have not been affected by the weird weather this season.

This is an every day show for Pizza Crust, doing so well this season.

I have been told this noid is most likely Jan’s Zoo. It was added spring of 2021 and has done really well. Such a nice addition to the lates.

Coral ajority started this week. It enjoys dappled sun part of the day.

How High the Moon is a new addition, first blooms this week.

Laura Harwood got started this week. This one got divided into three plants. It is doing well despite that.

First bloom of the season on Final Touch.


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