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New Exterior Colors for our Condo Community?

last month

Our 1970s-era condo community consists of 22 residential buildings. Every year our HOA budget allows for restaining two or three buildings, so each building gets restained every eight to ten years. For many years, every building had the same color palette: dark brown with darker brown trim. Last year we made a big change by moving to lighter shades that will not absorb as much summer heat: Behr Pottery Wheel on the siding and Evening White trim. (See photo below.) Now we are considering adding one or two building colors to Pottery Wheel so instead of one building color for entire community, there would be two or three. Evening White trim would be used throughout to tie it all together. We think this might provide more visual interest and curb appeal. We have narrowed it down to four colors in the light brown/tan palette that we think would work with Pottery Wheel as well as the original brown color, which won't be completely phased out for another eight years or so. While I think we may be on the right track, I’m also nervous because we’re a bunch of amateurs about to make a long-lasting decision that will affect many people. (Our tight HOA budget doesn’t allow for hiring a color consultant, unfortunately.) It would be wonderful if some folks with experience in this area would give us a hand. Below is a diagram of the layout of our buildings. Our main questions are 1) Is it worth complicating things by going to two or three building colors instead of sticking with one? 2) If yes, how many colors should we have in addition to Pottery Wheel? With Pottery Wheel plus one other, we could alternate every other building. But would two additional colors provide more contrast and visual interest? If so, how do we do a three-color design? Let’s call the colors A, B, and C. Do we do a cluster of A buildings, then a cluster of B’s, then a C cluster, etc.? If so, how many buildings per cluster? Or do we go up and down each street alternating colors A, B, C, A, B, C, etc.? Or . . .? 3) Finally, in addition to Pottery Wheel, which one or two colors from the samples below would look best? Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge and experience.

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