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tomatoz1 your garden phlox is such a treasure

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

tomatoz1, thanks again for bringing your purple garden phlox to the swap a few years ago.

Here is our formally vole decimated bed today.

We loved the purple from Tomatoz1 so much that we added a few more colors, a marine blue and a pink with white centers.

We even have some purple travel to the other side of the bed. We hadn't put any here but are thrilled it is spreading.

We had attempted to get some white David's Phlox going in the empty space (just left of center) in the bed but none of the plugs we planted grew and none of the seeds we bought took either.

The bed from above. The Orange Mango Popsicles are blooming in the higher beds but not yet in the lower one.

Here is the bed last month with everyone's Shasta Daisies.

In the fall the asters will come out. Couldn't have repopulated this bed so well without the swaps. Thanks everyone!!!

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