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Catching up on Tuesday

I posted a group a couple of days ago, but lost the post twice, once through my error and once because Houzz malfunctioned. So I am catching up today.

Mango Crush had its first flowers open. It was planted last season. It's a late bloomer from Curt Hanson.

Fondues and Don'ts is not a favorite and it will be leaving the garden this fall. Actually, I won this in a drawing Bob Selman has when you buy one of his plants.

Buckskin Tales is a large flower but I don't love the color so I'm not sure if it will stay.

This was definitely Queen of the Garden today. It's just its second flower to open. It is Deadliest Catch X Raggedy Man.

One of the goals is a red with a black eye. We aren't close to achieving that, but this seedling might help us along the way. It is Lady Stephanie Victoria Redding X Man-eating Bat.

Sihir X Hip Hop Music has a few nice teeth.

More to come . . .

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