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how to salvage slightly mauve kitchen cabinet color?

last year
last modified: last year

Recently got a home with purpley stone floors in the kitchen. I knew we weren’t going to be changing the floors anytime soon so I chose a complimentary taupe color for the cabinets to make it seem more intentional. However now that everything is painted I’m worried it’s too purpley/girly. What do you guys think about how it came out and what do you suggest I do to accessorize/color coordinate to make the color look better or more neutral?

Notes: We have plans to lighten up the stain on the beams. There are two can lights over the sink and two by the fridge but the bulbs are out. Im using natural light in this pic. I do want to change the pendant and am looking for your best, brightest but warm light recs. The yellow curtain and soap dispensers came with the house and will be removed.

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