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diy build a loft bed or buy pre-made loft bed?

Lauren Confair
7 months ago

Need a twin loft bed to group 2 children (toddler and baby) in the same room together. For safety I want steps, not a ladder, with an easy opening for access to the loft bed; I possibly want storage inside the steps to save room; I want higher than average safety rails at top of the bed (toddler’s safety); I want height because a crib will be going under the loft bed; I want the color to be left natural, unpainted

Finding everything I wrote above has not been an easy task! Maybe I’m asking for too much. Never built anything ever. But I think if I were shown what to buy and how to piece the puzzle together, maybe I could try building a loft bed. I like planning and creating things. But I never worked with wood before. There are many people that sell build plans for a small price. Would contact a planner if I went the diy route. I only did a small amount of research, but I know enough to know that my husband already has all of the tools required to build the bed. I would need to buy the wood, screws, bolts and maybe a clamp or a few small things.

Has anyone had experience with building a similar bed? How difficult was it? How long does it take? What was the average amount spent on supplies?

On the other hand if anyone knows of a twin loft bed for sale that’s similar to the one described above, I could really use your recommendation. If anyone knows anywhere that allows customers to customize a loft bed, can you please recommend that company/ business?
Thank you!

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