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Does anyone use zeolite or kitty litter as a soil amendment?

Steve Mazza
2 months ago

I don't know exactly where I first read about it, but I decided to try some crushed zeolite as a soil amendment for potting soil. The idea is to make the soil a bit lighter and airier for better root health, and to help smooth out wet and dry cycles in the pots. (I have potted roses on a very sunny balcony, and the summertime sun can be harsh.) It also supposedly helps with nutrient uptake from fertilizer ( So I just thought I would ask if anyone else is using it, or what you thought about it.

Having bought the product on Amazon a couple of weeks ago, I worked some of the zeolite into a pot with an annual planted in it (figuring if it didn't work out, at least it wouldn't kill one of the roses). It seemed to go fine, so between then and now, I worked a cup or two of zeolite into each of the other pots. I think it may be helping to stabilize moisture levels. The little grayish flecks of zeolite turn greenish when they get wet. When they start to look grayish again, it helps to confirm that the top of the soil is dry.

My roses suffered a bit from the July heat. Spider mites started to run rampant. Between the mites and the soap spray for the mites, the plants lost a lot of foliage, and what buds they had mostly balled up. But now, with the mites under control, they are getting green again, and I have one nice, small, but slightly fragrant bloom on Lady Emma Hamilton right now. Comte de Chambord has one nice looking bud that might open (if we don't scare it). I think the zeolite may be helping, but then again, it may just be a combination of other factors.

Also, I have half an idea that I read zeolite can be used for rooting cuttings? Any word on that?

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