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Laundry room cabinets - good brand?

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This studio apartment kitchen will become our laundry room. Stackable washer/dryer will go on the left and we have 50" remaining for lower cabinets with a sink and upper cabinets. What mid-price brand cabinet do you recommend that we can get a good 20 years out of in a damp room?

- We had custom, locally made cabinets in two kitchens but don't want to spend that much here.

- When we moved into one home it had 7-year-old RTA cabinets that were junk and don't want to go that route.

- I've always heard Ikea cabinets have longevity, but we're not DIY people and we would be paying a contractor to do it. In NYC, that could be as costly as other cabinets, and it is competitive finding a contractor, I don't think most want to deal with this.

Gimme your thoughts.


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