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Suggestions for staking an uncooperative orchid?

5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

So this orchid has been an adventure. Ha. When it was given to me it had few roots and a nasty fungal infection. It was one of two, and I couldn't save the other. I cut off all the dead material, soaked it overnight, dusted it with cinnamon, then repotted it in this pot with some coarse orchid bark and placed it on my shelf. That was a number of years ago. Because, at the time, it was in such sorry shape, I didn't handle it a lot and let it grow how it liked. Then I got busy and it grew air roots into the entire surrounding area. Now it's blooming and the spike has gotten relatively heavy. Problem is, it spiked over the side of the pot. Anyone have any suggestions for staking this guy? Right now it kind of staked itself on one of my citrus trees and I'd like to get it out since that tree is currently getting ready to bloom.

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