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Say goodbye to July, and hello to August 2022

We are getting a little more rain here, but very little run-off, not much going into the creeks and ponds, but the gardens are smiling.

I went out to check the north and south garden and pulled a few weeds. The ground was damp about 3 or 4 inches down, then just barely damp, but I have watered the garden some all along.

I have a fair stand of peas planted on the 17, the peas planted on the 20, not so great, but I planted the skips just a few days ago and they are coming up, thanks to showers.

I trimmed up a few collard plants I had plant a few weeks ago and the bug/worms had eaten the to a skeleton, but new leaves were coming out and I trimmed the skeletons away.

I how you all are getting at least as much rain as I am.

The deer damage of the sweet potatoes is healing nicely.

The Egyptian walking onions I planted in the Covington sweet potatoes are coming up nicely, and I think they will do the task of showing where to dig, of were for me to drive the tractor and plow them up.

The main reason I want to keep a start of the Covington sweet potatoes, is, they seem to be more forgiving, seem to keep better, cure and store better, and they seem be firmer and damage less when plowed out of the ground. The Covington seems a little dryer, but we always cook and season to our liking.

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