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Hardie siding on front of house and vinyl on sides/back?

20 days ago

We're wanting to update the siding on our house and wondering if anyone has experience or seen just doing Hardie on the front and vinyl on side/back?

You see in the picture that the side and back can't really be seen due to how close our neighbors are. The sides also represent 75% of the material. Around us, a lot of the brick/stone houses have "nicer" or decorative material for front façade and plainer on the sides/back.

The siding right now is vinyl from 1998, and is a terrible cream. Overall, it just doesn't look great. Most non brick houses in the neighborhood have hardie siding.

Also, we plan to remove the bushes, upgrade landscaping, remove lattice under porch and change to something with horizontal planks, convert the balcony (only accessible via a window in the guest room) with railing to a shed roof, and paint porch/door to match whatever color siding/trim scheme we go with.

Appreciate any input or feedback.

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