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How to tell Japanese holly Soft Touch from Helleri?

Esther-B, Zone 7a
2 months ago

I planted 6 Soft Touch hollies in a new garden bed and discovered I needed a 7th holly to finish the space. The first 6 hollies came from a distant nursery, so I bought another holly labeled Soft Touch at a local nursery. The first 6 hollies are about 3/4 the size of the new holly and it seems the new holly has slightly bigger leaves. Could the new holly be a Helleri and have been mislabeled?

Also, I purchased a cute dwarf spirea which was supposed to be Goldmound. After planting it, I found a loose tag among its branches which said Magic Carpet. Do I have a Goldmound or a Magic Carpet?


Helleri or Soft Touch?

Definite Soft Touch from upstate nursery.

Is this Goldmound Spirea or Magic Carpet?

Here is a work in progress. Still have to cement the faux river stones on top of the bricks and add the mulch. I had a shepherd's hook with a broken clamp. What do you do with a broken shepherd's hook? I wired it to a brick and buried it, then suspended this milk can from it. The milk can was 50% off, the calibrachoa were 50% off, and the flowers behind the can were also 50% off. Don't you love repurposing?

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