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Tiny oblong bugs only in soil

Ashley K
last year

My plumeria pot is filled with these tiny, fast, jumping oblong bugs. They're on the side of the pots because I disrupted the soil on top and they just came squirming out. May need to click on photo to see them.

Some are white, some are grey. None of them fly whatsoever and none of them are black. They're just grey and the younger ones seem to be white. They are quick tiny little guys and so hard to get photos of. They were in my plumeria pot with Kelloggs cactus mix.

I live in Phoenix and I've actually been battling these guys for half a year. No one can figure it out. I don't think they're gnats and someone else said maybe springtails? They seem too big to be thrips and they are ONLY in the soil. I've checked the foliage and no signs of pests. Help!!

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