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What is the name of this weed in my lawn?

Don Anderson
last year

My landscape maintenance contractor applied winterizer in the fall. This spring she was going to dethatch the lawn but we had to keep postponing due to a lot of rain, which made the turf way too wet to dethatch. It tends to be wet anyway but with all the rain we had to keep postponing. Finally last we got some dry weather and we decided to only dethatch one area that had a lot of moss in the front lawn. The point of saying this is that she did not end up putting down spring fertilizer and herbicide until last Thursday as we wanted to do that after dethatching. We have also had mole activity in the back lawn since about January of 2021, which have caused some small bare spots (hard to completely repair mole damage). Now this weed shown in the pictures is colonizing those bare spots. My question is will the broad-leaf herbicide that we put on the lawn last Thursday kill those weeds or will I need to dig them out? I live in Snohomish County WA, zip is 98223. The grass is Perennial Ryegrass. I also have a lot of Poa Annua (maybe 5% of the lawn).

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