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A few more lilies blooming 2022

This is Zambesi a really lovely white that I found at a nursery last year and earlier than Casa Blanca.

Bell Tower is similar to Passion Moon which I think I like better.

Conca D'or which is always lovely.

Triumphator had very weak stems and went over in a very strong wind so I ended up picking them and enjoying them in the house.

Frontera is a big and blousy beautiful pink. Huge flowers that I also had to pick because of critters eating the buds.

Shine On is a lovely yellow that nearly got totally destroyed last year but two stalks managed to survive and give me 3 flowers.

Silk Road which I was forced to pick also.

A couple of mystery yellows that I've even forgotten what they were supposed to be. From the same batch both a little different in color. In person one was much more of a golden yellow than the other.

and High Tea I think, another one I didn't order.

Thanks for looking....


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