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Red Plumeria Identification

6 months ago


I have not posted on this forum for a few years but this year one of my newer plumerias bloomed for the first time. I am super excited about it and I would love to know what variety is. I have no idea.

It was purchased as a rooted cutting from Home Depot in North Cal circa 2018 and was only labeled as Plumeria and "purple".

- dark green leaves, longer rather than oval, narrow with a pointed tip.

- leaf stems and inflo are lightly fuzzy and the underside of the leaves has a brownish/reddish rib.

- new growth tips are somewhat brown, smooth, no fuzzyness. I know that is not the term but I can't remember the correct term :P

- inflo stem is fuzzy and very dark red

- buds start out bright green and mature to dark red on the outside.

- petals are veined, hot pink, narrow, with a rolled edge.

- the flower lightens to orange and then yellow with a light colored center. 1-1/2" - 2".

The plant and especially the inflo looks lanky though the plant receives 6-7h of direct sunlight. This could be why it's so reddish but it is darker red than my PP which grows right next to it.

I have looked online for pictures like it, but the only photos that look to me like this plant are stock images labeled only "Plumeria rubra."

I am hoping someone here will know what variety this is.

Thank you for your help. Any clues are welcome.

May all your plumerias flower!