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"Barbara's Pasture Rose"

2 months ago

Yesterday's daybreak light was intense, slanting in under thick fog, and setting houses down the hill to an extra golden glow. . . . And in that warm slanting light, in the middle of pots of newly propagated roses, there was THIS:

"Barbara's Pasture Rose"

The late, great Barbara Oliva, who molded the Historic Rose Garden in the Sacramento City Cemetery, went on a rose-rustle with Sherri Berglund, when they spotted this huge rose in a deserted pasture near Cherokee, CA.

"Hold the fence," said Barb. "I'm going in!"

And with that, she ducked through the old barbed wire, and secured cuttings of this beauty.

"Barbara's Pasture Rose" is like 'La Reine' on steroids. Similar, but larger. A far larger bloom, on a larger, vigorous plant. And far more disease resistant. This is a rose that must not be lost.

A very immature plant, plotting to catch up to the "Ragged Robin," next door.

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