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Climate change?

catherinet (5IN)
6 months ago

I live out in the woods. I think living out here makes me more aware of when things start changing. It's hard to know if it's just a normal intermittent variation in things, or if it's climate change.

Considering things are happening globally, it makes me tend to think it's climate change. We used to have TONS of butterflies all over our 33 rural acres. We used to have all different kinds of birds too. But their numbers have really decreased. A couple years ago I only had a couple monarchs and other butterflies. Then about 2 years ago, I had none. Last year their numbers picked up a bit and I was hopeful. But so far this year (Central Indiana), we've only seen 1-2 monarchs and almost no other ones. I'm very concerned. This planet was naturally so well balanced for awhile, until we human invasives moved in and don't consider any other species as important.

Anyone else noticing their decline?

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