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Fruit trees in the yard

So awhile back (last year, maybe) I was on here talking about removing a bunch of trees from my property and replacing them with fruit trees. But then I spoke with the local coop extension office, and learned that the trees I wanted wouldn't really work.

I was pretty disappointed, but it is what it is.

Recently, my MIL went out of town so I went to her place to build a new garden to surprise her. It was my first time really going in to her backyard in July, where she has a mature pear tree.

Oh. My. God.

That is the most disgusting thing I've smelled in my life!!! Hundreds of pears everywhere, rotting in the sun :-O=== Wasps all over them, gnats and other flying insects everywhere, it smelled like really, really cheap liquor.

The worst part was when you accidentally step on one!

While trying to hold my breath and act cool, all I could think was... so this is what it would smell like in a zombie apocalypse?

I'm soooo glad now that I didn't plant those fruit trees in my yard! It never even crossed my mind that I'd have to deal with rotting fruit corpses everywhere.

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