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Need help identifying some Home Depot mislabels :)

Hi all,

Home Depot is now ahead on the mislabels vs. correctly labeled! 'White Dawn' has turned out to be New Dawn, and now these two are getting the first blooms showing that the deer haven't eaten off and they are not as advertised!

First up is not a showy bright red floribunda. More like a pale salmon colored almost miniflora. The leaves are regular sized, but the blooms are less than 2 inches across and only semi-double.

The other one was supposed to be Zepherine Droughin but isn't. It looks kind of like Iceberg at first glance but is definitely not Iceberg which I already grow. The buds are pale yellow, opening to blush/white and the leaves are much rounder than Iceberg. Its fragrance is not super strong but distinctly sweet-tea scented.

Any and all opinions appreciated!!

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