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How to begin now optimizing next year's flush for a wedding?

2 months ago

My daughter has set her wedding date for the first week of May--usually the height of our first flush--with the reception at our home. I'm I wonder what your strategy would be if you were focused on a specific future date to show your garden at its very best.

Some of it I know is just good standard care, but I do have some specific problems. Namely thrips and blackspot. Spinosad has been somewhat helpful on the thrips, but really wasn't enough this year. Other than Spinosad I normally don't do much of anything in the way of chemical intervention, but I'd be willing to temporarily pull out all the stops if I knew what to do or what would work.

So lay it on me. What are the extra things you might be doing over the next 9 months if you had a big event coming up? I'm in Middle Tn, so serious heat and humity in the next couple of months (think: blackspot haven) followed by wet, cold/warm cycling all through winter.

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