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Entire front yard of plants not thriving

last year

Hi folks,
As the title says, my yard full of various plants has not thrived since the day we planted it five years ago, save for lavendars and mock oranges.
I have a drip irrigation system in place, and I started each plant with one inch of water weekly, with the intent of adjusting per-plant as necessary.
But I really am thinking that my issue may be soil depletion. I ordered a pH test kit in the hope of discovering what needs to change, but I'm a complete novice with this stuff and would like advice on how to proceed.
Do I test the soil around each plant and ammend individually? That seems like the right approach but I'm open to suggestions.
And of course there's the question of "then what?" or how best to improve the soil based on those results.
Also, I'd love it if one of you folks could refer me to a good article on the topic!
Thanks in advance,

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