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Blooming today in Indiana

It rained all day yesterday and it was overcast this morning so it was a good day for photography. The weeds have also benefited from the rain (and the watering Bob does) so they are overtaking the garden.

This is a photo with the sales bed in the foreground and the seedlings in the rear. There are a lot of weeds to be seen too. Luckily, the state inspector has already been here.

Wrangler Red was planted just this spring.

St. Louie Blues just started flowering.

I like the watermark on Tropical Tease.

Peppy has been here awhile, but it hasn't increased much.

Paradise Road is another late bloomer

Muy Caliente! is a sea of orange red today. This is not one clump but several planted close together in the sales bed.

Hot Buttered Rum is another late bloomer.

Forever in Love is a great grower, but not a favorite of mine.

Seedlings to come . . .

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